Almost every industry has experienced a shake up during the last few weeks. With little notice, the world of education was asked to go online. The flexibility and creativity employed to flip the switch has been nothing short of impressive.

As everyone begins to settle into remote routines, keeping students engaged will be key to online courses’ success. Despite homebound situations, there’s still ample opportunity for authentic, hands-on learning experiences.

Experimentation, a key part of any lab course, need not fall by the wayside right now. In Lab Builder, our course content library, you’ll find experiments that have already been adapted for online instruction and remote learning. With common household items, online resources and more these experiments foster engagement and ongoing, authentic inquiry.

Like all Lab Builder content, these experiments are free for you to use in your course and can be customized for your teaching objectives.

Even better? LabArchives distance classroom solution is free for you, your TAs and students through 7/31. To get an idea of how it all works check out this webinar hosted by our Resident Professor.

Below you’ll find a list of Lab Builder experiments ready to be used in your online course. Keep in mind though, we’re not finished yet. We’re working hard to develop and adapt our content for the current situation. New Lab Builder content related to Microbiology, Anatomy and Physiology, General Biology, General Chemistry and more will be released daily.

Email if you’d like to start using this content!

Online / Virtual Labs

At Home “Kitchen” Labs: can be completed with common household items