LabArchives users often ask us for examples of how others use the platform. It’s actually the most frequent request we get. With that we decided to bring examples to our users and to actually connect with one another via virtual meeting and live Q&A.

Last month, over 650 LabArchives users attended our first virtual user group meeting!

In the first part of the meeting, panelists shared how they use LabArchives for their research. Panelists included….

  • A lab technician from the University of Kentucky whose lab has been using LabArchives for 8 years to research spinal cord injuries and neuro-inflammation.
  • A lab analyst from the Duke Human Vaccine Institute who uses the platform for data upload and archival, quality control and to standardize protocols.
  • A principal investigator at Massachusetts General Hospital who detailed how and why her lab transitioned to LabArchives.
  • A molecular biologist at Washington University, St. Louis who shared how her lab digitally organizes their research on a parasite that causes disease in developing countries.
One panelist details the transition from paper to digital LabArchives notebooks.

In the second part of the meeting panelists shared creative use cases. Panelists included….

  • One Ph.D. student using LabArchives for humanities research at Carnegie Melon University.
  • A lab manager at Thomas Jefferson Univeristy who is using LabArchives to access relevant neuroscience files and continue work regardless of location during COVID-19.
  • A clinical research coordinator at The Center for Perioperative Genetics at Brigham and & Women’s Hospital who digitized the clinical workflow and coordinates different parties via the platform.
One panelist details how she uses LabArchives to collaborate and communicate remotely.

During this user group meeting we also touched on what’s new to LabArchives including:

Click here to watch a recording of our user group meeting!