Effective STEM research requires collaboration. COVID-19 requires distance. The two feel at odds with one another everyday.

Whether your lab is directly involved with COVID-19 research or not, staying organized in the lab is more important than ever. These two tools can help:


  • What: An online tool used to reserve lab equipment and resources. It’s fully customizable for labs of all sizes and disciplines.
  • Why: Bottlenecks at the electron microscope that everyone needs for their work used to be annoying. Now they can be dangerous. Avoid them all together and keep the show running smoothly with Scheduler. Any resource (rooms, labs, equipment) can be added and the lab manager can set min/max time limits, buffer times for set up/tear down and manage shift work with ease.
  • Where: Get a free trial here.
Users can view their reservations and invites on their calendar and use the resource filter to find open times that suit their schedule.


  • What: Inventory helps researchers organize items in the lab in a physical and digital way.
  • Why: Being able to find what you need, when you need it is key to running successful experiments. Now, it’s also important when it comes to safely sharing items found in the lab. Track where things are and who is using them to keep your lab organized, sanitized and to keep experiments moving along at pace.
  • Where: Get a free trial here.

We’re here to help you get up and running with these tools. Send us a message at info@labarchives.com to get started!