Delivering an effective STEM course to students during COVID-19 is no easy task. Trying to keep students distanced yet engaged is tricky – organization is key.

Whether your students are on campus, at home, or a bit of both – these two tools can help keep everyone organized and connected.

Lab Builder

  • What: A free, online course content library.
  • Why: Designing experiments for your course required a lot of time and energy even before COVID-19. With so many new logistics to consider it’s now even more of a task. This library contains experiments (on a huge array of topics) designed specifically for online learning. Every experiment can be customized to suit your current classroom setup and teaching objectives, too.
  • Where: Get a free instructor account here and login to view Lab Builder.

Course Manager

  • What: LabArchives course delivery tool.
  • Why: You’ve got access to online course content (see above) and can add your own course content to LabArchives. Now you need to deliver it to your students in a way that suits social distancing and remote/blended learning. You need to keep TAs in the loop, too. Roll out your course to everyone with just a few clicks and then monitor engagement, communicate and view progress in real time with Course Manager.
  • Where: Once you’re logged into your free instructor account (see above) simply click this icon in the upper right hand corner to access Course Manager.
Add course info, sections, TAs and students via Course Manager.

We’re here to help you get up and running with these tools. Send us a message at to get started!