Build, organize and manage your course in LabArchives.

The fall semester is nearly over. Cue ‘sigh of relief’. We’re here to help as you continue to adjust to this normal and as you begin to plan winter and spring courses.

LabArchives online tools make it easy to build, organize and manage your course whether you’re teaching in-person, online or some combination thereof. Whether you’ve been using LabArchives for years or are just getting started, our Education Boot Camp is a great place to begin planning your next course.

Starting on November 16th, we’ll host a variety of sessions to help you create course content, manage students and their performance. Throughout the week there will be sessions for instructors that are new to LabArchives, instructors that are returning to LabArchives and even TAs. We’ll cover things like creating your course, adding content, adding students and using Canvas, Blackboard and Moodle integrations for grading and performance tracking.

Check out the boot camp schedule below and then pick and choose which sessions you’d like to attend. Each session is capped at 100 attendees so sign up soon!

Introduction to LabArchives – For instructors, TAs, and course coordinators

Learn how to create a course notebook, invite students and grade assignments. Join this session to learn best practices and tips to make your spring course a success! Duration: 60-minutes

LabArchives Education – Setting up your course notebook or lab manual

For instructors and course coordinators that would like extra guidance on setting up their course notebooks, organizing materials and using content from Lab Builder – our multidisciplinary, open source, course content library. Lab Builder contains hundreds of online labs, protocols, course packs and even textbooks. Duration: 60-minutes

LabArchives Education for TAs and grading staff – navigating student notebooks and grading assignments

For teaching assistants, graduate students and grading staff that would like to review how to access, navigate, and grade content in LabArchives student notebooks without breaking a sweat. Duration: 45-minutes

Using Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle LTI integrations with your LabArchives course notebook

Learn how to set up your course through an LTI integration partner, interact with student notebooks and grade assignments. *This session is only for institutions already using LabArchives Education that have this integration enabled. Access to this course will be based on your affiliation with one of these institutions* Duration: 60-minutes

Can’t make boot camp but want to learn more about LabArchives Education? 

  • Sign up for one of our weekly webinars.
  • Watch recorded training videos.
  • Learn more about LabArchives in our knowledgebase.
  • Contact our support team for custom training.