LabArchives EMEA Virtual User Group Event and Research Edition Bootcamp – November 7-11

The 2022 EMEA LabArchives Bootcamp:

The LabArchives team is excited to announce the 2022 LabArchives EMEA Research Edition Bootcamp. Whether you are a current LabArchives user or cautiously sitting on the sidelines reluctant to change old habits, this one-week event is dedicated to improving the management of your data. Pick and choose the sessions that interest you or attend all the sessions for a comprehensive look at LabArchives and how you can improve your research data management regimen.

Please register for each session by clicking on the subject name below.

Please note that a separate regional bootcamp will be hosted for our customers in Australia during the month of November. Additional details will be available in the coming weeks.

Can’t attend one of these sessions but want to learn more about LabArchives? Reach out to us! Email to schedule a one-on-one session on any topic!

Monday 7th November
Workflows for using LabArchives Notebook and Inventory
Learn more about the Notebook and Inventory integration, including the new Inventory List entry type and ways to update your inventory of cell lines, chemical stocks, or other consumables while using the LabArchives Research Edition Notebook.


Tuesday 8th November 
Introduction to LabArchives ELN for Research 10am GMT

Learn the benefits that LabArchives offers researchers and how it can easily be integrated into your research data management toolkit. Topics covered include:

  • Notebook structure
  • Audit trail, revisions history and version control
  • Access controls
  • Page signing and witnessing
  • Creating templates and copying content
  • Collaborating internally and externally


Tuesday 8th November 

Virtual User Group Event for the EMEA Region

Join us for our popular Virtual User Group Event on November 8th and hear from an assembled group of researchers and research support staff sharing their experiences on getting started and adapting the LabArchives Notebook, Inventory, and Scheduler to their unique workflows. Who better to get advice from than actual researchers themselves? Now is your chance to hear directly from fellow users and ask questions during this interactive event.


Wednesday 9th November
LabArchives Templates and Widgets Session
For all users that would like to learn how you can use templates and widgets to create reusable content to standardize the gathering and entry of data in notebooks. Most importantly, we will clarify the differences between the two and discuss when it could be appropriate to use one over the other.


Thursday 10th November
Introduction to LabArchives Inventory
An introduction of the benefits that LabArchives Inventory offers researchers by streamlining the organization, tracking, and ordering of lab inventory.


Friday 11th November
Introduction to LabArchives Scheduler
An introduction of the benefits that LabArchives Scheduler offers researchers with a simply powerful scheduling solution for any lab or research organization.