ELN Academic/Government Hosted Pricing for Laboratory Notebook Software

(for-Profit customers and/or locally installed version, please inquire.)

Special Version for BioMed Central Users

By a special arrangement with BioMed Central and as part of BioMed Central's commitment to reproducible research and transparency in scientific communication, authors submitting manuscripts to some BioMed Central journals can obtain a complimentary subscription to LabArchives with an allotment of 100MB of storage. This account has all of the features of the Pro Version of LabArchives ELN with the exception of the storage allotment.

LabArchive ELNs are always FREE to try!

  Free Version BMC Version Pro Version
Create and manage your Notebook
Number of Notebooks Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Share (read only)
Allow Comments
Interface with GraphPad Prism
Store and View all versions of all entries
Share (Read/Write)
Storage included 25 MB 100 MB 100 GB*
Annual Subscription Free Free $124.00 per User*
Additional Storage, per year N/A N/A $9.95 per GB
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**A User is a regular member of your account and can be assigned access rights as designated by the Owner You can also share your account with a "Guest", but a Guest who does not have a Pro Version of LabArchives Laboratory Notebook Software account may only add data up to the Free version allotment

For more information about the partnership with LabArchives, please contact us.