LabArchives Increases Storage by an Order of Magnitude

Professional Edition subscribers now get 100 GB per user of free storage.

CARLSBAD, California, November 03, 2011 /PRWeb/ — LabArchives has released a new version of its flagship Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) which is instantly available to all users. Among a number of other enhancements, subscribers to the Professional Edition now receive 100 GB of storage per user, up from the previous limitation of 5 GB.

“LabArchives is committed to making our ELN the leading product of its kind for scientists throughout the world,” said Earl B. Beutler, President and CEO of LabArchives, LLC. “Some of our users and prospective clients were concerned about the potential long term cost of storage, which is a key component in information management. By providing 100 GB of storage per user, this objection is eliminated for the vast majority of investigators.”

“While LabArchives will incur a significant cost in providing this additional storage,” Mr. Beutler went on to say, “our partnership with the scientific community dictates that we remove barriers to adoption of this important technology which we believe helps to accelerate the progress of scientific research.”

LabArchives is a browser based application which can be used on the secure LabArchives servers, or can be locally installed. As a web-based application, all changes are instantly available to the full community of users. The latest release also contains a number of powerful new features, including enhanced notebook management and a special module for those teaching courses using LabArchives.

About LabArchives: LabArchives, LLC was founded by a team of experts in scientific computing and web-based development. It was established in 2009 to create an affordable and easy-to-use solution to the problem of laboratory organization and collaboration. It is used by scientists on 6 continents to store, organize, share, and publish laboratory data, as well as by instructors in many leading K-12 and colleges.

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