LabArchives, LLC Announces Release of DOI (Digital Object Identifiers)

Compliance with NSF data sharing requirements is now easy and automatic

CARLSBAD, California, May 02, 2011 /PRWeb/ — LabArchives, LLC (, a leader in Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) software, has released the latest version of their flagship product. The latest edition includes the ability to assign a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) to any set of data contained in user Notebooks.

Digital Object Identifiers have long been a standard and persistent identifier for journal articles, but now they may also be used for data sets. This is increasingly important as funding agencies, including the National Science Foundation (NSF) are now mandating that all funded research must include a plan to share all data after a suitable embargo period ( Complying with this regulation can be a daunting task for scientists employing a paper notebook, or an ELN that does not include this capability.

According to Earl B. Beutler, President and CEO of the company, “LabArchives now makes it easy for our users to share their underlying data, either with the public at large or selected individuals. With the implementation of DOI technology, our customers can assign a permanent identifier for their work with a single click, rather than digging through hundreds of files on multiple systems and attempting to create a sharing mechanism.”

LabArchives is available in both a free and “premium” version. The free version is fully functional, and is limited only by the amount of storage provided. Both versions include the DOI technology. The software is available in both a web-based configuration, or may be installed on a local server if required. Sign up for a free account at

About LabArchives: LabArchives, LLC was founded by a team of experts in scientific computing and web-based development. It was established in 2009 to create an affordable and easy-to-use solution to the problem of laboratory organization and collaboration.

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