LabArchives Now Provides Large File Upload

LabArchives, the leading electronic laboratory notebook (ELN), announces a new premium feature for Enterprise Licenses: Large File Upload

CARLSBAD, CA, March 8, 2016 — LabArchives®, the leading electronic laboratory notebook (ELN), today announced a new premium feature only available for Enterprise Licenses: Large File Upload (LFU). This will allow LabArchives users to upload files larger than the standard 250MB. This premium feature enables users to upload files as large as 4 GB subject to local institutional policy and throughput.

With the addition of this new capability, the LabArchives ELN continues to set the standard for cloud based ELNs. LabArchives users simply drag and drop files into the system, or attach files to a digital notebook entry, which may include descriptive information, rich text, notes, comments from collaborators, or annotations and references. Users can then assign access rights to the data or maintain it as secure research data. All of LabArchives data is hosted in a secure cloud environment utilizing Amazon Web Services and Amazon S3.

About LabArchives:
LabArchives is the leading cloud-based ELN which replaces traditional paper notebooks in professional research labs and higher education laboratory courses. The LabArchives ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook) solution is used by more than 100,000 scientists and professors, including Nobel laureates, to store, organize, share, and publish their laboratory data. LabArchives is the only Internet2 approved ELN and the only ELN which meets most Accessibility standards. For more information, visit

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