LabArchives Now Provides Unlimited Data Storage

LabArchives, the leading electronic laboratory notebook (ELN), announces that ALL Enterprise Licenses will have unlimited storage.

CARLSBAD, CA, March 1, 2016 — LabArchives®, the leading electronic laboratory notebook (ELN), today announced that ALL Enterprise Licenses will have unlimited storage as part of their license effective January 29th at no additional charge.

Now, tens of thousands of users at LabArchives Enterprise License sites have unlimited data access to store, manage, and publish their research and data. This new policy removes the previous cap on data storage and enables tens of thousands of scientists, students and professors to utilize LabArchives to better manage their research work flow, research data, and comply with institutional and regulatory data management plan requirements.

About LabArchives:
LabArchives is the leading cloud-based ELN which replaces traditional paper notebooks in professional research labs and higher education laboratory courses. The LabArchives ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook) solution is used by more than 100,000 scientists and professors, including Nobel laureates, to store, organize, share, and publish their laboratory data. LabArchives is the only Internet2 approved ELN and the only ELN which meets most Accessibility standards. For more information, visit

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