LabArchives releases Jupyter Notebooks integration to further support computational science research data management

LabArchives ELN for Research now captures more data science, scientific computing and machine learning workflows with Jupyter Notebooks integration.

CARLSBAD, CALIF. (PRWEB) DECEMBER 08, 2020 — Today LabArchives, an online suite of collaborative, secure and intuitive data management tools, announced an integration between LabArchives ELN for Research and Jupyter Notebooks. This new integration empowers users to capture data science, scientific computing and machine learning workflows within LabArchives ELN for Research (ELN – Electronic Laboratory Notebook). The LabArchives platform of products is used by more than 560,000 researchers worldwide.

Jupyter’s open-source notebook software includes open-standards and services for interactive computing across dozens of programming languages. Jupyter Notebooks combine live, executable code with narrative text (Markdown), LaTex (equations), images and interactive visualizations on a single page. With the LabArchives – Jupyter integration users can upload Jupyter Notebook files to LabArchives ELN and include the work those files contain as part of their observations. Once added, a thumbnail image of each Jupyter file is generated for at-a-glance viewing and these can be opened and viewed in-depth with a single click.

The LabArchives & Jupyter integration enables users to capture their workflows in ways not before possible. After adding Jupyter files to LabArchives, users can view the files in the same place as procedures, protocols and all other project meta-data for a complete and comprehensive view of research. There is no longer a need to save duplicate .html versions of Jupyter files or to open these files separately in order to view their content. Changes to Jupyter files are also tracked and preserved with LabArchives’ immutable date and time stamps and revision history functions. Jupyter files can be downloaded directly from LabArchives.

Users can not only view Jupyter files with the LabArchives & Jupyter integration but can also continuously update amended files within LabArchives by leveraging LabArchives Folder Monitor. This tool automatically syncs changes to specified locations within LabArchives and places updated, amended and new data generated by equipment and external sources into LabArchives ELN for Research. To learn more about the LabArchives & Jupyter integration, click here.

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