LabArchives releases new cloud integration with SnapGene

Molecular biologists can now quickly record and share frequently used file types with collaborators via LabArchives SnapGene Docs Viewer.

CARLSBAD, CALIF. (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 19, 2020 — LabArchives, the leading electronic lab notebook platform for research data management, has released a new SnapGene integration. This integration combines SnapGene’s intuitive platform with LabArchives’ powerful research data management features. With a ‘Quick View’ of supported DNA files, the molecular biology community has access to a comprehensive solution that encourages collaboration and complete, proper documentation of research.

The LabArchives integration with SnapGene supports more than 50 different DNA file types. It takes only seconds to upload DNA files and share with collaborators. The ‘Quick View’ provides at-a-glance reference on the notebook page while viewing tools allow for in-depth investigation. A SnapGene local installation is NOT required to access the LabArchives SnapGene integration.

SnapGene’s viewing filters enable closer inspection of various features of a DNA file such as restriction enzyme sites.

Once data has been shared, collaborators can leave comments and questions, add new data, upload additional DNA files, view DNA files to find specific features and access additional LabArchives features. LabArchives’ organization makes it easy to quickly locate and view the history of data at any time.

LabArchives supports complete and proper research documentation with immutable time stamps and perpetual versioning. All actions taken with LabArchives are fully journaled, including views of DNA files using the SnapGene integration. This data repository ensures that access to all research is preserved.

The LabArchives SnapGene integration provides the molecular biology community with access to powerful tools that empower collaboration and proper documentation supporting better research, reproducibility and efficiency.

About LabArchives:
LabArchives is a SaaS application platform dedicated to better science. Used in research labs and higher education laboratory courses, LabArchives products are used by more than 400,000 scientists and academic users to store, organize, share and publish laboratory data. LabArchives Education has been used in 7,200 lab courses by 270,000 students. More than 400 of the world’s leading research institutions trust LabArchives for research data management, collection and research compliance. For a free trial or more information, visit or see us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

About SnapGene
SnapGene was founded by scientists and software designers to meet the everyday needs of molecular biologists. SnapGene desktop software ( is used in more than 65 countries, in virtually every major research institution, and in most of the largest pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide. The software provides a simple yet powerful way for researchers to plan, visualize, document, and share their everyday molecular biology procedures. Free trials of the software are available from the SnapGene website. SnapGene is an Insightful Science product.

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