LabArchives Enterprise License

Help your users adhere to institutional policies. Support reproducible research.

Reduce costs. Supports organizations of any size.

LabArchives Enterprise Licenses are designed for large groups, departments, and enterprises…

to enable end-users and administrators with very powerful, yet easy to use, scientific workflow applications.

A better research experience for the enterprise.

LabArchives Enterprise Success Team does the heavy lifting – we onboard your users, work with your administrators and systems managers, and support all users at all levels of your organization. We even provide you with end-user outreach materials and a dedicated Enterprise Success Team. We have done this hundreds of times in Academic, Commercial and Government research organizations.

For a complete list of Enterprise benefits & functionality, click here.

Manage controls, settings , permissions and provide unlimited use.

Enterprise Level Research Data Management – Inventory Management – Scheduling

Provide researchers with their own controls in accordance with your organization’s policies and enable management hierarchies.

Watch it in action…

Institutions of all kinds benefit from LabArchives Enterprise Licenses. The power and control features combined with our team of implementation experts is a recipe for success.

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LabArchives is the most used ELN in the world for a reason.  Small research companies in various disciplines, mid-size corporations, government agencies, and the most prestigious research universities in the world all use LabArchives to manage their research data and workflows.

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LabArchives is fully customizable. It scales for any size organization.

LabArchives’ API is available as part of an Enterprise License. The API allows programmers to develop programs that access notebook data or to send data from external applications and software to a notebook, or to provision a notebook on behalf of a user. Notebook access using the API is controlled by the access rights established in the Notebook. No one can access a notebook or its data with the API unless they already have rights to that notebook.

What can you do with the API?
Several of our own tools utilize the API to connect with notebooks, such as Folder Monitor and MS Office Plugin, while it has been used by third-party tools, for example, GraphPad Prism, SnapGene, and more. The following is a quick summary of the actions supported by the API. All high level notebook functions are covered by the API: Add/Edit entries, notebooks, folders, pages, and comments (can delete comments too), Create new users and add users to notebooks, Export entries, pages, notebooks, Search entries, View notifications and mark as read.


The LabArchives API has been used to:
• Automatically upload data generated from machines
• Add links in notebooks to external data stored in institutional repositories and vice versa
• Analyze notebook data
• Implement complex searching of notebook data
• Custom pre-provision user accounts and notebooks
• Create native applications for mobile devices
• Integrate LabArchives with various software and service providers

If you have technically knowledgeable staff to take on a development project with minimal support, contact us for more information.


Electronic Laboratory Notebook Competitive Chart

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Final LabArchives RSpace LabGuru LabFolder SciNote PerkinElmer Signals
Unlimited storage space Yes Yes No No No No
Individual File size limits 4 GB 10 MB 500 MB 250 MB 300 MB 50 MB
HECVAT Available No No No No No
WCAC Level A & AA, Section 508 & NIST 800-171 compliant Yes No No No No No
Inventory Management Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Course Management Yes No No Yes Yes No
Learning Management System integration Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas No No No No No
Internet 2 – vetted and approved Yes No No No No No

24/5 Support (business days)*

Yes No No No No No
Customized trainings on request included Yes No No No Yes No

*Details on support coverage, worldwide, click here.


You have questions, and we have answers. Check our full list of Enterprise FAQs here.


Is LabArchives compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 and other leading regulations?

Yes, LabArchives is compliant with 21 CFR part 11, HIPAA, NIST 800-171 and many more.

Who owns data entered in LabArchives?

The customer owns all data entered into LabArchives. Additionally, custom co-branded editions for companies can be created with site-wide back-ups of all notebooks provided to the customer on a determined schedule.

How many researchers currently use LabArchives?

More than 610,000 researchers currently use LabArchives.

Does LabArchives integrate with any other platforms?

Snapgene, Microsoft Office, Graphpad Prism, and dozens of others.

What are the licensing options and how much does LabArchives cost?

LabArchives offers two main licensing options: 

  • Individual licensing starting at $248/user/year
  • Enterprise licensing – comes with dozens of enhanced benefits. Quoted on a case by case basis.

Please inquire for your respective needs.

How does LabArchives assist with implementation?

LabArchives has an expert team of representatives that will create and execute a custom implementation plan designed on your company needs. LabArchives can also assist with data migration as needed. LabArchives can handle all training and deployment.



Partners & Integrations

To become a LabArchives integration partner, drop us a line below.


Partners & Integrations

To become a LabArchives integration partner, drop us a line below.

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