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1.01 LabArchives Introduction

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LabArchives is a web-based application designed for scientists to organize and share their laboratory data with their colleagues, friends, students, or anyone across the world. A LabArchives Notebook may be shared among any number of users; access rights are controlled by the group Administrator and can be easily modified to suit the individual needs of each researcher, educator, or contributor. To create a LabArchives Account and Notebook,Click Here.

When you sign up for LabArchives, your first Notebook will be created automatically; and you then have the ability to name it appropriately.   Users may create an unlimited number of Notebooks and customize the name and folder structure of each notebook. 

LabArchives can be used for all types of data, including text, images, spreadsheets, etc. 

Here are some reasons why LabArchives will be successful in your lab:

Organize your laboratory data 

If you’re like most investigators, you have hundreds or even thousands of files of valuable data that are spread across multiple computers, files, and folders. In addition, you often have several versions of the same information (some of which may be overwritten). With LabArchives, all versions of all of your files are securely stored and easily searched by a wide variety of criteria. You can quickly and easily view an older version of a file, or even view what was changed from one version to another (and which party made that modification).

Preserve all your data securely, including all versions of all files 

LabArchives stores all of your data on a network of redundant servers; your information is far safer on LabArchives than on your local computers or even an institutional server. And far more secure than in a paper notebook.

Share information within your laboratory 

Share selected or all information among your group. Under your control, you may allow individual “read-only” or “read-write” access to specific work, or to the entire notebook.  As the LabArchives Administrator, you have full rights to edit the entire notebook. With the Search Feature and Activity Feed, you can “filter” by an individual, date, or view any data or files from across the globe.

Collaborate with investigators by sharing selected data 

Share selected data, entire folders, or your entire notebook with a colleague anywhere in the world. This individual will see only what you want them to see; they may make comments and/or, with your permission, add data to your Notebook. 

Protect your intellectual property 

All data is automatically date and time stamped and stored on the LabArchives server network. This preserves every version of every data entry, and provides clear evidence who completed the work and when the work was done. 

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