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2.03.1 Create New Resources

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LabArchives Scheduler allows users to reserve Resources. A Resource can be a piece of Lab Equipment, such as a Microscope or Spectrometer, or it could be an everyday item, such as a projector or a conference room.
Before your users can begin making reservations, you’ll need to set up one or more resources that they can reserve. Anyone with the Application Admin, Resource Admin, or Schedule Admin privileges can create a resource. To grant someone Resource or Schedule Admin privileges, please see the article on Users and Groups.


Creating New Resources Individually

To create new resources, go to Application Management, Resources (or Responsibilities, Resources if you are not an App Admin).


Once on this page, you can add new Resources to your organization individually or in bulk. To add a new Resource individually, click the triple dot menu at the top right-hand side of the screen then click ‘Add Resource’, as shown below.

This will produce a small window where you can specify the Resources Name, Schedule, Permissions, and Administrator. You can also upload a photo of the Resource and specify a color that represents the resource. To learn more about how to use Schedules, please see this article.

Importing Multiple Resources at Once

To import multiple resources at once, click the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the screen and select “Import Resources,” as shown below:

On the import window, you can upload a CSV file of multiple resources. You can create your own CSV file using the requirements in blue or you can download a pre-formatted template by clicking “Get template.”

Note that this same three-dot menu also contains an Export Resources button. Consider using this feature if you ever plan on moving resources out of one Organization and into another LabArchives Scheduler Organization.

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