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3.01.2 Manage Reservations

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To view all reservations for a given schedule, go to Bookings. You can access this by clicking Schedule then select Bookings.

Bookings are separated by day. Each day contains each resource and multiple time slots for each resource. To book a reservation for a resource:

1. Ensure you looking under the correct day you wish to book a resource.

2. Choose a resource and time slot for that resource. Select at least one time slot box for a resource. You can drag through multiple boxes to book a resource for a longer time period.

3. You will be taken to the following screen. Here you can edit time settings, name and describe the reservation, and add other participants to the resource. Then hit ‘Create’.


To view or edit any existing reservations, click on the reservation to view the details or make any adjustments.


My Calendar

The “My Calendar” option is under “Schedule”. This is where you can view all of the reservations that you have created, or any reservations for which you are a participant or invitee.

You have the option to view All Reservations, reservations for a specific schedule, or reservations for a specific resource of your choice. You can filter what information you are looking at by using the Change Calendar drop down menu at the top. You can also change your calendar view from monthly, weekly, or daily. This is located on the right-hand side of the screen.


Resource Calendar

A resource calendar is a view of all reservations for your resources in a calendar form. This is located under “Schedule –> Resource Calendar”. You can filter your calendar by

All Reservations (of all resources), Default, or by a specific resource. You can select a specific resource using the Change Calendar drop down menu at the top. You can also change your calendar view from monthly, weekly, or daily on the right-hand side.


Find a Time

Find a Time allows you to search for a resource based on the time of availability. You can search for available times for any resource, or choose a specific resource to find a time for. To use the Find a Time feature, click Schedule then select Find a Time.

In this screen, you can enter the number of hours and minutes you would like to reserve a resource. In addition, you can search within a time frame based on the time of day and/or by date. Click on the Find a Time button when you are ready to search.

Once you hit search, a list of all the available times is displayed for you to select what works best for you. Once you select a time, you will be brought to the “New Reservation” screen to complete your reservation confirmation.


Search Reservations

To search through existing a reservations in your Organization, click Schedule, then select Search Reservations. You can search by Resource, Schedule, Title, Description, Resource, and Reference Number.

You can also narrow your search to a specific day or date range. After you enter the search terms, click Search Reservations to find all matching reservations.


Clicking any row in the search results that return will allow you to view the details for the given reservation.

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