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3.02 How to Update your Profile

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To update your profile in LabArchives Scheduler click on the “User Icon” which is usually your name in the top right-hand corner of the page.

User Properties

Selecting and clicking on this from the dropdown menu will bring you to the LabArchives login page. Type in your email address and password and this will bring you to the “Update your LabArchives Account Information page. Here you can update your name, email address and password.


You will then see your profile under the “Edit My Profile” page. You can update your Default Homepage is the page that first appears when you log onto LabArchives Scheduler. This can be Dashboard, Schedule, My Calendar, or Resource Calendar.

You can change your account’s Timezone via the dropdown menu labelled “Timezone.”

Note: By default, your timezone will be selected based off the location of your application admin. The date format can be changed by selecting a language at login.

The ‘Language’ drop down allows you to select a language.

To save your changes, be sure to click “Update”

Notification Preferences

By default, you will not receive an email from LabArchives Scheduler. However, you can opt into receive notification emails about reservations. To receive email notifications, click “Send me an Email” for the option and be sure to click “Update” to save.

Open Invitations

If someone has invited you to join a reservation, you can accept this invite on the “Open Invitations” page. To accept the invitation, click “Accept” and the event will be added to your calendar. To learn more about invitations and reservations, click here.

Switch Organizations

Here you can switch your LabArchives Scheduler to another organization that you are part of.

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