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3.04 Subscribing to Calendars

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You can easily display LabArchives Scheduler events in external calendars like Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar. To do this, you’ll need to subscribe to calendars.

There is a calendar for each individual Resource, for each Schedule of Resources, and for all Reservations.

To subscribe to a Schedule calendar, open Schedule > Resource Calendar and select the Calendar view you want to see. Note that, while on any calendar page, you can view the Calendar for All Reservations in your organization, all reservations on a specific schedule, or all reservations for a specific resource.

This means that any of these Calendars can be made publicly viewable. Use the drop-down menu at the top to select which Calendar view you would like to see. If you are a part of multiple organizations, you will also see an option to check ‘Show reservations for all my organizations’.



Once you have selected the calendar view you want to see, you will find a link to make this calendar public.



After you click ‘Make public’, you will see two options: ‘Hide from public’ and ‘Share My Calendar’. If you click Share My Calendar, a ‘Which calendar would you like to share?’ drop-down menu will appear. Here is where you can select to share reservations for the current organization or for all of you organizations.



Once you determine which reservations you would like to share, you will see options to ‘Get link to add to iCalendar, Outlook, or Calendar’ and ‘Get link to public URL. You can then use these links to add your Scheduler reservations to your chosen calendar.

Google Calendar

Open Google Calendar settings. Click the Calendars tab. Click the + button under “Other Calendar” and click “Browse calendars of interest”. Click “From URL”. Paste in the public URL link.



Outlook, iCal, Calendar client (Mozilla Lightning, Evolution)

For Outlook, open the Calendar view, then right click My Calendars and choose Add Calendar > From Internet. Paste in the URL from ‘Get link to add to iCalendar, Outlook, or Calendar’.

For iCal, go to File then ‘New Calendar Subscription’. Paste in the URL from ‘Get link to add to iCalendar, Outlook, or Calendar’.



If you are not able to subscribe to calendars, your App Admin may need to enable Calendar subscriptions. For information on this, click here.

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