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10.01 FlowJo for Windows

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Note: Unfortunately, the integration with LabArchives is not available with the latest versions of FlowJo 

FlowJo flow cytometry software (from Treestar) includes the ability to do the following: 

  • Save FlowJo workspaces directly into LabArchives Notebooks 
  • Open FlowJo workspaces from your LabArchives Notebooks 
  • Retrieve samples (e.g. FCS files) from your LabArchives Notebooks into a FlowJo workspace. 


The FlowJo integration is included in version 7.6.3 and higher for PC, and version 10 for Mac. 

To activate this function, you must first go to Edit–>Preferences, and then double-click on the Licenses icon. There, you will see a small section on LabArchives which you must “Configure”.  Put in the LA server (defaults to which is correct unless you have a local server option) and your user name and password. For users in Australia, use

Once activated, there are two new options on the File menu: 
Save As Remote (this enable you to choose a Notebook, Folder, and Page into which to store your FlowJo Project) 
Open Remote Workspace (enables you to open a workspace stored in LabArchives) 

In addition, there will also be an icon for retrieving samples on the main screen:  

Click on this button to load a sample file from your LabArchives Notebook. 


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