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10.02 FlowJo for Mac

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Note: Unfortunately, the integration with LabArchives is not available with the latest versions of FlowJo 
FlowJo to Your LabArchives Account 

      1. In FlowJo Click the Blue Heart to open Preferences. 

      2. In Preferences Select “File Formats” (shown below). 

      3. In the File Formats window type in your username into the LabArchives section and click “OK”. 


How to Save FlowJo Files to your LabArchives Notebook 

      1. To save a wsp file to LabArchives , click on “Save” 

      2. In the “Available Repositories” window, choose “LabArchives”, then click “OK”. 

      3. Once LabArchives has been selected, a new work space will open showing the contents of your notebook.  After selecting a location in your notebook, the FlowJo file will be uploaded.