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10.08 Vernier Logger Pro Integration

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Vernier Logger Pro can export files directly to your LabArchives Inbox 

Saving a File from Vernier Logger Pro to LabArchives 

  1. In the Logger Pro menu, Click File.
  2. Click on Remote Save As and select LabArchives as shown below.


  1. You will be prompted to login to LabArchives. 

Note:  If you sign in to LabArchives with your institution credentials, Click Here. 

  1. Enter a name for the file that you are saving to LabArchives. 


  1. Click OK  You will see a confirmation message when the document has saved.

Manage Logger Pro Files in the LabArchives Inbox 

After you have saved a Logger Pro file to LabArchives, it will be in the Inbox for your account.  You can move these files anywhere in your notebook by clicking “move to page”, or you can create Inbox Rules to automatically filter these files. For more information on the LabArchives Inbox, Click Here. 


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