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10.07 Integration

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The LabArchives integration with allows you to export a protocol or the run record of a protocol from and save it directly into your LabArchives notebook. Experiment protocols comprise an important part of the research assets that are organized and securely maintained in the ELN. After export, you will be able to view your PDFs directly in the notebook page.

There are several ways to export your PDF. This can be done without signing in to LabArchives via the web browser, but note that if you login via your institution, you may need to start a session first to obtain a password token.


From the main screen:

1. Click on the protocol you want to export. A menu on should pop up on the right side.

2. Click Export.

3. Click PDF then select Copy to LabArchives.

4. A Synchronize with labArchives window will appear showing you which files will be copied. Click Next.

5. Choose your LabArchives server.

Note: SSO users will need to generate a password token. For more information on this, click here.

6. You will be prompted to sign in. Then a list of your LabArchives Notebooks will appear. Click on a notebook name.

7. Select a folder or page to copy your files to. Then click Synchronize. A message will appear within the window confirming your files have been synced.

From the protocol page:

1. Click More at the top of the screen.

2. Hover over Export, then PDF, then select ‘to LabArchives’.

3. Follow steps 4-7 above.

Note: Some pages or folders may appear with a lock symbol next to them. This designates pages that may be signed or folders/pages you have read-only access to.

Viewing PDF’s within LabArchives:

A thumbnail is generated once a PDF has been added to a page in your LabArchives Notebook. Hover over the thumbnail to see the Download and View options. Clicking view will open the PDF in the LabArchives Docs Viewer. Every protocol or run record of a protocol saved to LabArchives includes an embedded link to easily jump over to for review or editing of the protocol.

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