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11.01 Do you have any device recommendations or suggestions?

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Research groups use everything from a desktop computer with a full monitor and keyboard to a small mobile device or tablet. As long as the device supports a compatible browser, you should be able to work in LabArchivesLabArchives can be accessed on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android OS, or iOS and you can use a tablet, laptop, or desktop.

To learn more about the browser and operating system requirements Click Here.

  • Microsoft Office Documents: A computer running Windows or macOS can be used to edit office documents with Office online and the Microsoft Office Plugin. Microsoft Office does not support all tools on a mobile browser for Android or IOS. It’s recommended to download these files and work with them using a compatible Office application on the device.   
    To learn more about office online click here and to learn more about the office plugin Click Here.
  • Folder Monitor: Folder Monitor can be used to automatically upload files from your computer or piece of equipment to your lab notebook. Folder Monitor is only available for Mac and PC. 
  • Widgets: The LabArchives Mobile app will create a thumbnail for any widget on the page but the widget cannot be edited. To edit a widget, it must be opened using the browser on the device. 
  • If you work with images, photos, videos, or audio recordings: Many tablets, mobile devices, and computers include a camera or microphone that can be used to take photos or audio recordings of your work. You can upload these files using the browser on your device or using the mobile app or the browser on the device. Keep in mind, Image annotation is not supported with a stylus. 

Things to consider while selecting a device: 

Physical Size and portability: When choosing a device, you want to consider the physical space that you have for charging stations, docks, accessories, and mounting hardware.  If you have a lot of space in your lab, you may want a desktop computer or laptop at each piece of equipment or workstation. You can also assign a laptop or tablet to each person and they can move the device around the lab. 

Durability: If you work with hazardous materials, you may want a device with cases or sleeves that are designed for laboratory work. Some labs require regular cleaning and sterilization of any computer or device that is used in the lab. In some cases, you may be able to use a simple plastic zip top bag or you may need dedicated devices that stay in the lab. Some research groups will purchase low-cost devices and replace the devices on a regular basis. 

Ease of Use: Not all devices are easy to use while wearing gloves or protective equipment. You may want to test a few devices to find a keyboard, mouse, or stylus that works for you. You may want to use a physical keyboard like the ones available with some windows-based tablets or laptops. Many teams will use a wireless or Bluetooth keyboard and mouse connected to a tablet.  

Compatibility with other systems: LabArchives can be used with almost any device that supports an updated browser. However, you want to make sure that this device can run other software or applications that you use. As an example, a Chromebook can be used to access LabArchives, however, you cannot install GraphPad Prism on these devices. 

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