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3.09 Customizing Inventory Display

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Lab Managers are able to customize the information shown on the Inventory page. Columns shown (such as Name, Location, Price, etc) can be rearranged, added or removed. To customize the Inventory display, click the gear icon at the top of the page then select Display on the left hand side.

Rearranging Columns

By default, selected columns are Name, Location, Inventory Type, Price, Quantity, Date Received, Reorder. You can rearrange the order of any of these columns (except for Name) by dragging and dropping the column to the desired location. As you move the columns, the change is reflected in the Preview.

Deleting Columns

You can delete a column by clicking the ‘X’ next to the column name. When a column is deleted, it is moved from Selected Columns to Available Columns. Every column except for Name can be deleted. As you delete columns, the change is reflected in the Preview.

Adding Columns

You can add any column from Available Columns to Selected Columns. Click the plus sign next to a column name to do this. As you add columns, the change is reflected in the Preview.

Once you are finished rearranging, adding, and deleting columns, click Update Display to save your changes.

You can also restore the display options back to the default display by clicking Restore Default Display.

All your customizations will be reflected on the Inventory screen.

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