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2.01.2 Managing your Subscription – Account Owner

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If you are the owner of the Inventory subscription, you can manage your lab’s subscription to switch from a Free Trial to a paid subscription or renew your subscription.

To view and manage your subscription, click on your name in the top right-hand area of the screen. You will see “Manage Subscription” on the menu or if you have a Free Trial, click on the “Subscribe Now” button. If you have been added to an Inventory, even if you are given the role of Lab Manager, you will not see this option. Only the person who is the owner of the subscription will see the Manage Subscription link.

The Subscription page will indicate the type of subscription that you have. If it is a Free Trial, it will display when the trial ends along with purchase options.

We offer a 90-day Free Trial where you can add multiple people to test out the inventory features. You will receive emails to let you know when the trial is expiring as well as see a notice at the top of the Inventory screen.

Note: once a 90-day Trial expires, the inventory is no longer available.

When ready to purchase, you will need to select the account type based on your affiliation. The two account types include:

  • Academic/Non-Profit
  • Commercial/For Profit

We will calculate the price for your subscription based on the number of Active users you have in your account, including yourself.

Note that additional members can be added at any time during your subscription and their rate will be pro-rated based on the expiration date of the existing subscription. For example, if a lab begins a subcription for 5 users on Jan 1, the 5 users will be charged the 1-year subscription price per person. If that lab then adds 1 person in June, the new person will be charged for 6 months based on the annual subscription price per person. This ensures that the subscription renewal time is in sync for all users, regardless of when during the subscription term an additional person was added.

If you need to reduce the number of people in your subscription, this can only be done at the subscription renewal date, and you must first remove users from your account before renewing for fewer users.

If you are purchasing for someone at your institution or If you require an invoice, please send an email to with the following information:

  • Company or Institution name
  • Username
  • User email
  • Phone number
  • Purchaser address or PO box
  • Is this a new purchase or a renewal?
  • Number of seats being purchased
  • The name of your Regional Account Manager (if known)
  • Payment amount
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