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2.01 Professional Edition: How to Purchase or Expand a LabArchives License

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Your Professional Edition Subscription comes with a certain number of “seats and has an account expiration date. To add seats, or to renew your subscription, select the “Purchase/Upgrade” option from the Triple dot menu icon in the upper right as shown below: 

In the event that your account expires, a notice will appear the next time you log on to your account. This notice will contain a “Purchase” link that will direct you to the same page as the option shown above.  

On the Purchase page, you will see the purchase form. 

  1. Select the type Professional Edition subscription 
  2. Choose the length of your new subscription or Renewal. If you purchase for multiple years, a discount will be applied. 
  3. Add additional Users or “Seats” to your account. 


Once you have completed the specifications for your purchase, enter your payment information in the following field. Then review your order and click “Submit for Processing” to complete the order.  

If you are purchasing for someone at your institution or If you require an invoice, please send an email to with the following information: 

  1. Company or Institution name 
  2. Username 
  3. User email 
  4. Phone number 
  5. Purchaser address or PO box 
  6. Is this a new purchase or a renewal? 
  7. Number of seats being purchased 
  8. The name of your Regional Account Manager (if known) 
  9. Payment amount 
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