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2.02.2 Setting up Locations

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Keeping track of where inventory items are located in your lab is a key part of the inventory management process. LabArchives Inventory allows you to completely customize your storage locations for efficient retrieval of items, review of items in a location, or physical inventory reconciliation. 

We present a hierarchical storage model to represent the physical locations you are tracking, whether it is a shelf within a freezer, or a specific cell within a freezer box. 

Note: We recommend setting up the storage locations before adding items to your inventory.  The Import Template allows you to specify the location of each items using top-level locations, bottom-level locations, and if applicable, the freezer box cells.  This information can only be imported if the locations are specified in Inventory first.  To learn more about using the Import Template, CLICK HERE.

Setup Top Level Storage Locations 

Defining your storage locations in LabArchives Inventory is a top-down process.  Therefore, begin with the top-level location name.  This will typically be a refrigerator, freezer, cabinet, etc. that may have a specific name. You can add any number of locations, and locations can have unlimited levels of sub-locations.  Just remember the more complex, the more challenging it may be to manage locations. 

1. Click the Gear icon on the top left to open the Lab Management Menu. To access the lab management menu, you must have the role of Lab manager. For more information on roles, CLICK HERE. 

2. Select the “Storage” tab 

3. To create a new top-level storage location, click “Add New Location” at the top. 

4. Provide a clear and descriptive location name.  

Note: Top-level storage location names must be unique.  The location name can be up to 255 characters in length and can contain special characters. 

5. To save click “Add Location” 

Setup Lower Level Storage Locations 

Once you have added the top-level location, you can add sub-levels within it such as specific shelves within a freezer.

1. Once you have added the top-level location, click on pencil to the right of the location name.  This is also used to rename or delete a location. 

Note:  If you delete a storage location, any inventory items assigned to these locations will no longer have an assigned storage location. 

2. Click “Add location inside” and input a Location name. 

3. Click “Save” to add the location. 

You can repeat this process to create a more complex hierarchy.

Freezer Box as a Storage Location 

If a location is a freezer box, select the Freezer Box checkbox.  This will display options for your Freezer Box to allow you to customize the dimensions and labeling of the cells. Freezer boxes can be up to 50 x 50 in dimension.  The cell label formats include:  Letter and Number, Number and Letter, or Number Only.

Once you are done setting up your inventory, you can start adding items to your inventory. Click here to learn more 

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