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2.02.4 How to Create Settings

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The Settings feature in LabArchives Inventory allows lab managers to define the Lab name, approval thresholds, and currency preferences.  

To access these options, Click the “Gear” icon from the top meu to open the Lab Management Menu and select the “Settings” tab. To access the Lab Management Menu, you must have the role of Lab Manager. For more information on roles, CLICK HERE.  

Lab Name 

When first setting up a LabArchives Inventory, the account owner provides the Lab Name.  By default, the name is the account owner’s first and last name. 


You can use the Building, Floor, and Room fields to set your labs location. Type in the building, floor, or room name in their respective field.

If you are an enterprise customer, your Site Admin may have pre-added locations for you to choose from. Instead of typing in a specific location, you will need to select your building, floor, and room from the drop-down menus.


Enterprise customers may see the reminder below until the locations are updated.


LabArchives Inventory provides the option to set your preferred currency to use when entering the price of inventory items. The default is US dollars (USD). Other currency options include: AUD, CAD, CNY, EUR, GBP, and JPY.  

Automatically Approve Orders 

By default, all orders will need to be approved by someone with the role of Lab Manager. If you would like to automatically approve orders that are below a specific price, click the “Automatically approve orders” checkbox. This will display the option to enter the price threshold for requested items to be automatically approved.  Any item that is below the threshold price will be approved automatically in the system.  Items that are at or above the threshold price will require approval.  For more information on orders and approvals, CLICK HERE. 

When you are finished adjusting the settings, click “Update Settings” to save. 


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