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2.03.1 Roles

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LabArchives Inventory has two roles: Lab Manager and Lab Member.    

  • Lab Manager 

The Lab Manager has all rights and privileges to manage everything in an inventory.  This role is typically given to the person(s) in charge of maintaining a lab’s inventory and Principle Investigator (PI).  You can have multiple people with the Lab Manager role.  A Lab Manager may also be the Account Owner (see below). 

  • Lab Member 

The Lab Member role is able to create inventory items, search, and place order requests.  This role is typically assigned to all non-managers who will be using, adding, or requesting inventory items. You can have multiple people with the Lab Member role. 

In addition to these two roles, one person will be the Account Owner. 

Account Owner 

The account owner is the person who starts the Inventory that will be used by members of the lab.  By default they have the role of Lab Manager.  You can have multiple Lab Managers in your Inventory but only one Account Owner. The Account Owner can subscribe, renew a subscription, and purchase additional seats for lab via the Manage Subscription option.  To learn more about Managing Your Subscription, CLICK HERE 

Transfer of ownership 

If you need to transfer ownership of an Inventory account, please contact 

To learn more about User Roles and Privileges, click on the gear icon to enter the Lab Management Menu. Then click on the Roles tab.  

CLICK HERE to learn how you can add and remove users from LabArchives Inventory.  

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