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2.03.2 Add and Remove Users

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With LabArchives Inventory, Lab Mangers can add and remove users and manage roles all in one place.  

Adding Users to Your Inventory 

You can see all the users who have access to your inventory, go to the top right-hand corner and click on the gear icon to access the Lab Management menu. In the Lab Management menu, select “Users” on the left-hand side.  

You can add users by clicking on “+ Invite Users” link to open the invite window

Enter a single, valid email address in the designated field and click on “Send Invite.”  To add multiple users at once, click on Invite More People link to add up to 11 users.   By default, all new users will be added with the role of Lab Member. To learn about roles of LabArchives Inventory, click here.

If an email address is entered that was already part of the account, a warning will appear. 

Note:  If you have a paid subscription for a specific number of users and all “seats” have been taken, you may need to purchase another seat before you can add a new member.  Alternatively, you can remove a user who has left the lab and replace their seat with a new member.  The number users cannot exceed the paid number of “seats.” 

Changing Roles 

In the Users page of the Lab Management Menu, you can change a user’s role using the dropdown menu.  

Removing users 

Lab Managers can remove users from an Inventory from the Lab Management menu under “Users”. All active users are listed in the Active Tab. Find the user you wish to remove from your Inventory and select the trashcan.  

When you remove a user from your Inventory their access is revoked but any inventory items or edits that they have made will be maintained. The user who has been removed will still show up on the “All Users” tab but their status should be listed as inactive. The active tab will only show active users.  

Note: A inactive user can only be reactivated only with the help of the LabArchives Support Team ( 

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