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2.03.3 Creating Custom Roles

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In LabArchives Inventory, there are two default roles: Lab Manager and Lab Member.

Lab Mangers have the ability to create custom roles and provide different permissions for each role.

To create custom roles, click the Gear icon at the top to access Lab Management tools. Then, on the left-hand side of the screen, click Roles. You should see the two default roles of Lab Manager and Lab Member. You will not be able to check/un-check the settings for these default roles.


To add a new custom role, click + Add New Role at the top right. This will bring up the screen where you can enter the Role Name and check which specific permissions this new role will have. Click Add Role to add this new role.



Now when you click Roles, you should see your new custom role listed under Lab Manager and Lab Member. To edit or delete your custom role, click the pencil or trash icon next to the role name.



To grant custom roles to specific users, click the Gear icon to access Lab Management tools, then select Users. You should see a list of current users in your Inventory. Under the Role column, click on the dropdown menu next to a user’s name. You should see all the available roles to assign to this user. Click on the role and they will be granted permissions covered by that role.

Ordering Privileges

While creating a custom role on the Roles page, you will find several options on providing access for this role to order, approve, and receive items to your Inventory.



Request item to be ordered will allow the user to submit requests for new items. They will see a Request Item button in the upper left of the Orders page. For more information, see our article on requesting new items.

View all orders allows users to see every order submitted by any user.

Update all orders allows users to change the name, quantity, and other parts of any order.

Approve all orders allows users to approve any order on the orders page. The users will receive a notification (bell icon) and an email notifying them an order needs approval.

Cancel all orders allows the user to cancel any submitted order by any user.

Cancel own orders allow the user to only cancel orders that they themselves submitted.

Receive own orders allows the user to only receive orders they submitted.

Receive all orders allows the user to receive all orders submitted by any user.

Note: Selecting ‘Receive own orders’ and ‘Receive all orders’ will automatically check both the ‘View all orders’ and ‘Create items and add to inventory’ checkboxes. You will not be able to

uncheck ‘View all orders’ and ‘Create items and add to inventory’ if these were automatically added due to selecting ‘Review own orders’ or ‘Receive all orders’.

If ‘Manage lab data and settings’ is checked, then all other options are automatically checked and cannot be disabled unless you uncheck ‘Manage Lab Data and Settings’.

For more information on managing and updating orders, see our section on Managing Orders.

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