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2.05 Concurrent Bookings

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Concurrent Bookings/Limiting Concurrent Bookings

In LabArchives Scheduler, you can configure the settings for Schedules and Resources to allow for concurrent bookings. At the same time, you can use these settings to limit concurrent bookings (ie situations that may require social distancing).

Concurrent Booking Settings for Schedules:

Click on Application Management then Schedules. By default, a Schedule will allow for an unlimited number of concurrent reserved resources. To set a limit, click the pencil icon next to this option.

You can set a specific amount for the number of resources that can be reserved concurrently for this schedule. This allows you to enforce a maximum number of reserved resources at the same time.

For example: Schedule 2 represents a lab room. Within this lab room, there are 10 machines. To implement social distancing, an admin can use this setting to ensure users are only able to book 5 out of the 10 machines at one time by setting the ‘Maximum number of resources reserved concurrently’ to 5.

Limiting the number of resources per reservation:

This feature allows you to limit the amount of resources booked per reservation. To set this limit, click the pencil icon next to this option.

For example, if you set the ‘Maximum number of resource per reservation’ to 3, users will note be able to book more than 3 resources as part of a single reservation.

Note: These settings do not apply to Application Administrators.

Concurrent Bookings Settings for Resources:

Click Application Management then Resources. For each resource, click Access.

In the Access window, you can check ‘Allow concurrent reservations’.

You will also have the option to select the amount of concurrent reservations allow for this resource.

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