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2.06 Approving Booking Requests

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Granting Approval for Reservations

If any resource which requires Approval is reserved, the user is notified of this immediately after making the reservation via a window, which is shown below.



Reservations can be approved by any App Admin, or by any Resource or Schedule admin that has control over the given Resource. If any reservation creator wants an email notification when their reservation is approved, they can turn this on under My Account, Notifications, by selecting “Send me an Email” under the field labeled “When my pending reservation is approved.”


Reservations that are pending approval can be approved from several different screens. On the Bookings Page, any reservation which has not been approved shows as orange on the bookings page, and indicates that it is pending approval if you hover your cursor over it.

If you click on any reservation on the Bookings Page that shows Pending Approval, you will be brought to a new screen where you can view the Reservation and approve or reject it by clicking the appropriate button in the bottom right corner. This screen is shown below:



Reservations can also be approved from the screen under Application Management, Reservations. The way to get to this screen may differ slightly, depending on what kind of an Admin you are. For Schedule Admins, they navigate to this screen via Responsibilities, Schedule Reservations. Resource Admins can get to this screen via Responsibilities, Resource Reservations. You may also see both options if you have both Resource and Schedule Admin privileges, but you are not an App Admin.


All reservations that apply to the given Admin can be viewed on this screen as a series of rows, which can be searched through via a series of filters at the top of the screen. Any reservation that is pending approval will be highlighted yellow on this screen, as shown below:



From here, you can approve this reservation just by clicking the green check mark in that is boxed in red in the image above.

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