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2.12 Creating and Managing Accessories

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Labs will frequently use disposable or reusable items that don’t constitute the standard definition of a resource in LabArchives Scheduler. Instead, these items are tracked by creating Accessories, are general items that can be used to supplement your regular lab activities, yet don’t warrant a separate resource in Scheduler.  

To access the Accessories menu, click on Application Management in the menu bar and select Accessories.

The Accessories page allows for Administrators to create and modify accessories for researchers to add to their bookings. New accessories can be added by adding a title to the Accessory Name field, noting the available quantity, then selecting the green Add button.

Existing accessories can be edited or deleted at any time. To delete an accessory, click on the red trash can icon parallel to the respective accessory. To edit an accessory, select the pencil and paper icon parallel to the respective accessory.

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