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2.13 Announcements

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All Admins of all types can send an announcement in LabArchives Scheduler by selecting “Announcement” from the Responsibilities or Application Management dropdown menu, as shown below.

Announcements are a great way to notify everyone that a particular resource will be unavailable or about any upcoming changes relating to Resources and/or Schedules that your colleagues may need to know. Announcements that have already been sent can be viewed in the Dashboard, where the announcements section appears at the very top, as shown below:

Clicking this option brings you to the Announcements screen, as shown below:


The bare minimum that is required to make an Announcement is some string of text, some begin and end date, and some priority. The Announcement is created by clicking the “Add” button. Once your announcement is created, it will become visible as a row in a table below the Add Announcements panel.

Here, each announcement appears from top to bottom in order of increasing priority value. However, by clicking the Envelope Icon on the far right of the row for any announcement, under the action column, everyone to whom the Announcement is directed will receive an email containing the announcement text.

Simply filling out all required fields for an Announcement and clicking Add will send the announcement to all members of your organization. To limit the scope of an announcement, click “More Options”. This will expand two more fields which allow you to limit the scope of the announcement to members of specific User Groups, or to those with access to specific Resources. An elaboration of this is shown below:


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