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2.14.1 Creating a Payment Gateway for Credits

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Before a user can pay for a reservation with credits, they must purchase credits. To purchase credits, you must specify how much each credit will cost, and at least one Payment Gateway will need to be set up for your organization. To do both of these things, an App Admin must first go to Application Management then click Payments.


Once there, you can specify the Cost per Credit by going to the Cost tab, as shown below.

Note: Multiple types of currency are made available via the dropdown menu on the right.

Setting up a Payment Gateway
After specifying the credit cost, you are ready to set up a Payment Gateway. To do this, first select the Payment Gateway tab. Once here, you can enable a payment gateway through Stripe and/or PayPal by clicking the appropriate button under either section of the Payment Gateway tab.

Configuring Stripe

LabArchives Scheduler integrates with Stripe using Stripe Checkout, which requires use of the Stripe API. This means that, to use a Stripe Payment Gateway, you must first create a Stripe account if you do not already have one.

Once your Stripe account is created, you should be able to access your Test and Live API keys from the Stripe Dashboard. If you are just testing out Stripe, use the Test API Keys. Otherwise, use the Live API keys. Notice that for each set of API Keys (Test and Live) there are two keys: a “Publishable Key” and a “Secret Key.”

Once you’ve copied the appropriate set of keys to your clipboard, paste them into the corresponding fields in the Stripe section of the Payment Gateways tab, and click Update.

Configuring PayPal

LabArchives Scheduler integrates with PayPal using Express Checkout, which requires use of the PayPal API. Like with the Stripe Payment Gateway, this means an active PayPal account is required to use this gateway.

After your PayPal account is set up, you can access the information you need from the PayPal Developer Dashboard page. Once on this page, click Create App. After filling out some information, you should be given access to Sandbox and Live Credentials. Use Sandbox Credentials if you are just testing PayPal.

Note that, for each set of credentials, there is a Client ID and a Secret. You must copy both of these from PayPal into the appropriate fields under the PayPal section of the Payment Gateways tab. Finally, make sure the appropriate Environment (Live or Sandbox) is selected under the “Environment” dropdown menu. Once all of this has been done, click Update.

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