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2.14.2 Setting up Credits for your Organization

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LabArchives Scheduler Administrators have the ability to control how much a given resource can be used. There are two key ways to do this: limit the time users can reserve with Resources by using Quotas, or require payment to use resources by using Credits.

A LabArchives Scheduler Administrator may require users to pay to reserve one or more resources with Credits. If your reservation requires credits to be created, you will see this on the reservation screen in the area indicated below:


If you do not have enough credits to complete a reservation, you will need to purchase more credits by going to User icon –> Credits. This is shown below:


Clicking this brings you to the credits screen, as shown below.

Once on this screen, you have a tab for your Credit History, a tab to buy more credits, and a tab for your transaction/purchase history. Note that the price per credit is controlled by the Application Admin for your organization.

Enabling Credits for your Organization
Enabling Credits allows you to collect monetary reimbursement for use of your resources and allows you to generally control usage of resources in your Organization more thoroughly. So long as the Organization is using the Premium version of LabArchives Scheduler, the App Admin can enable credits by selecting the Gear Icon in the upper right corner of the screen, then selecting Application Configuration. Once there, scroll down to the section labeled Credits, as shown below:

Ensure the options labeled ‘enabled’ and ‘allow.purchase’ are each set to True. After doing this, scroll to the top or bottom of this page and click Update. Once credits have been enabled for your organization, you next need to set up a Credit Cost and at least one Payment Gateway to allow users to purchase credits. Additionally, for all resources for which you’re collecting payment, you’ll need to specify the amount of required credits per timeslot. Finally, you may want to specify peak and non-peak hours in case you want to collect more or less credits per timeslot during certain times of day.

Specifying Credits needed to Reserve a Resource
Once you have enabled credits, specified the price per credit, and enabled at least one payment gateway, you are now ready to specify how much credits are required (per slot) to reserve one or more resources. The amount of credits required to reserve a resource can be specified by any Resource Admin, Schedule Admin, or App Admin. This is done individually for existing resources under Application Management –> Resources (or Responsibilities–> Resources if you are a Resource or Schedule Admin). You can see an elaboration of this below.

Once you click the pencil icon next to Credits, you will be given the option to specify the number of credits required per slot during “peak” and “off peak” time. Note that, if you do not plan on implementing peak times, you can leave the Non-Peak hours field blank. In this case, all hours on a schedule are considered peak time, and the number of credits required per timeslot for this resource will always be the same.

Specifying Peak Time for a Schedule
If you plan on implementing Peak Time, this is done on a Schedule-by-Schedule basis, and this can be specified by any Schedule Admin or App Admin. To specify a Peak Time for some schedule, go to Application Management –> Schedules (or Responsibilities –> Schedules if you are a Schedule Admin). Once there, modify the Peak Time for each schedule by clicking the pencil next to the “Peak Time” field, as shown below.

Clicking on the pencil next to this field opens the Peak Time settings window. Here, you can specify a Peak Time that is in effect during certain hours of the day, during certain days of the week, and during certain times of year (using the months and dates that book-end these times of year). See an elaboration of this below.

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