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2.15 Custom Attributes

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In LabArchives, Custom Attributes allow for Administrators to introduce non-standard fields for reservations, users, resource, or resource types. To access the Custom Attributes screen, select Application Management and click on Custom Attributes.

On the Custom Attributes screen, admins can choose to add a Custom Attribute to four parameters of Scheduler. To select from the four locations to add the attribute, click on the dropdown menu below Category, make your selection, then click Add an Attribute.

In the Add an Attribute window, complete the fields and click on the green Add button.

Below are some key terms used when creating Custom Attributes:

Type: The kind of response field you’re creating. Users may select Single Line Textbox, Multiple Line Checkbox, Select List, Checkbox, or Date Time.

Display Label: The phrase that appears on the screen to represent your field.

Validation Expression: A validation expressed to enforce various input formats.

Sort Order: When multiple attributes apply to a screen, sort order defines the order in which they appear.

Applies To: Allows admins to determine which user this Custom Attribute will appear for.

Required: Requires the field to be completed before the item can be updated.

Is Admin Only: Custom Attribute Only appears for Admin users.

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