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2019 Feature Releases

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2019 Feature Releases

Aug 8 2019

  • TurnItIn integration: student submissions are now indexed and included in a search the next time a student in the class submits something.
  • API: added a method to support Single Sign On (SSO) login by API clients
  • LabArchives LLC new phone number: added our new company phone number (760) 280-2203 to emails generated by LabArchives

Aug 1 2019

  • Classroom Edition:
  • Integration with TurnItIn plagiarism detection solution
  • Pricing for course notebooks can now be set at course level as well as site level

Jul 11 2019

  • Security enhancements
  • Search: advanced search combinations using the tag option and another option now use AND Boolean logic

Jun 10 2019

  • Notebook Navigator: redesign
  • User Properties: page design enhancements

Jun 6 2019

  • Page design enhancements:
  • Confirm and Alert dialogs
  • Share dialog
  • Notebook Settings
  • Import CSV dialogs
  • Widget Manager
  • Entry Edit Tags dialog
  • Entry Edit Links dialog
  • Copy Page dialog
  • Copy from Another Notebook dialog
  • Revisions list
  • Assignment Navigator
  • Print page
  • Inbox rules
  • PDF generation
  • Offline notebook generation
  • View/edit docs
  • Student prompted to pay
  • Student View Grades
  • Large file upload: upload capability to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) enabled on UK server
  • Classroom Edition: new option to restrict TAs so that they only see students, grades, notebooks, etc. for their assigned section

May 16 2019

  • IP range restriction: users at sites using IP restriction option are now able to use the following capabilities:
    • Creation of offline notebook
    • Notebook to pdf generation
  • Classroom Edition: Added link to Knowledgebase information for Canvas grader
  • Folder Monitor version 2.0.6 (Windows and Mac) released:
  • Improved performance when source folder has large number of files and/or subfolders
  • When Folder Monitor encounters an error, the relevant rule name is added to the error message displayed
  • List of commonly-used URLs to the “LA Server” tab of the “LabArchives Web Service Login” window
  • Users can now double click on a rule to edit it

May 9 2019

  • Classroom Edition: Integration with BlackBoard LMS

May 2 2019

  • Security enhancements

May 1 2019

  • Microsoft Office plugin version 1.1.0 (Windows) and 2.0.7 (Mac) released:
    • Windows: version number now displays in the “Authentication” window
    • Windows and Mac: List of commonly-used URLs to the “LA Server” tab of the “Authentication” window

Apr 25 2019

  • Search: design improvements
  • Site Admin: minimum session timeout limits are now 15 minutes for web application and 1 minute for mobile app

Mar 21 2019

  • “Copy from another notebook” feature: set limit of 100 GB for the amount of data that can be copied

Mar 14 2019

  • Data publication: Prevent deletion of notebooks that have published Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs)
  • Site Admin and User Properties: new Timezone option
  • Site settings: can restrict access to notebooks to within specified IP ranges

Feb 28 2019

  • Notebook Manager: improved performance

Feb 21 2019

  • “Create New Office Document” page redesign
  • Security enhancements

Jan 31 2019

  • “Create New Notebook” page redesign
  • Security enhancements

January 25, 2019

  • Microsoft Office plugin for Mac version 2.0.6 released

January 10, 2019

  • Classroom Edition: improved messaging for instructors linking Canvas or Moodle assignments in LabArchives
  • Notebook Manager: improved messaging for actions
  • Security enhancements

January 10, 2019

  • Classroom Edition: it’s now possible to assign grades with decimal values
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