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2021 Feature Releases

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2021 Feature Releases

Nov 3 2021

· Lab Managers can move storage locations to reorganize sub-locations within a freezer or other storage location to another freezer.

Oct 20 2021

· Users can access a Copy Link button on the quick overview from the Freezer Box to copy the link to the selected inventory item to the ELN.

Oct 13 2021

· Freezer Box display now enables quick view of contents as well as ability to add new items and use items directly from the view. Users can jump to Freezer Boxes from the location filter or from search results list. Selecting on an item provides a quick overview

Sept 29 2021

· New Freezer Box display for easy view of the freezer box contents as an alternative to the search results list view.

Sept 8 2021

· Lab Managers can assign colors to Inventory Types for easy identification in search results.

Aug 25 2021

· Lab Managers can create additional labs.

· Enterprise Site detailed inventory reports include custom location information.

Aug 18 2021

· New Enterprise feature builds on the ability for Inventory Admins to upload location information for their institutions. Customized location information can be made available to labs to select from, which in turn is available for Inventory Admin search. Inventory Admins can filter by location (building, floor, or room) in combination with hazard filters or by item name search to zero in specific items based on where the labs are located across the institution.

July22 2021

· Added ability for Inventory Admins to upload location information which will be made available to Lab Managers in an upcoming update. When the full feature is released, Inventory Admins can utilize the location information to filter results based on the location of labs, as well as by safety filters and names of items. Note that the Inventory Admin role is available only for institutions with an enterprise license to LabArchives Inventory.

· Updated the display of labs in the Inventory Admin search filter to list labs in alpha order.

· Addressed an issue with formatted data in fields that was impacting search results.

Jun 2 2021

· Updated navigation between User view and Admin view for Inventory Admins to easily alternate their view.

Apr 30 2021

· Improved handling when an Inventory Type is deleted to easily switch any items with that type to the General Inventory Type.

· Lab Managers can select from multiple users with the ability to receive orders. This complements the custom role field and allows for lab members other than the manager or requester to update newly received reagents.

Apr 21 2021

· Lab Manager can create custom roles to complement the existing Lab Manager and Lab Member roles. This new feature allows for a variety of roles based on the responsibilities of lab members, and ensures that a lab member has the just the privileges they need.

· Added new error message to prevent the creation of Inventory Types with the same name.

Apr 16 2021

· Expanded the file types that can be attached to an inventory item to include DNA sequence files (.dna, .seq, .fasta, and more) and chemical files (.cdx, .cdxml, .mol and more).

Apr 7 2021

· Added error message to prevent users from adding duplicate custom fields to an Inventory Type. The import template was updated as well to check for duplicate fields and prevent importing those items.

· Users are now able to customize the columns displayed for Inventory search results. Lab Managers can select from the standard fields available for all Inventory Types to provide a display of the fields most important to them and their users.

Mar 24 2021

· Inventory Admins can search across inventories at their institution using a basic search for the name of inventory items as well as using the Lab name or Hazard category filters.

· Enterprise site can work directly with the LabArchives team to provide selected users with Inventory Admin search privileges.

Mar 11 2021

· Expanded Advanced Search with query-building tools enables searching across all Inventory Types and fields, including custom fields. Searches can be saved for future use and can be modified as needed.

Feb 18 2021

· Chemical Inventory Type features a PubChem look up to quickly populate key fields: molecular weight, formula, CAS #, SMILES structure, and chemical safety information. Chemical hazard icons are clearly displayed on inventory items as a quick reference.

· Expanded currency options in the Settings to track order requests in the lab’s local currency.

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