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2020 Feature Releases

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Dec 22 2020

· Deliver LabArchives ELN as a Progressive Web App (PWA) that adapts the display and controls across devices for an optimal user experience.

· Page title updated for display across all devices with inline editing.

Nov 19 2020

· Update Chemical Inventory Widget export.

· LabArchives Policy updated to include GDPR.

· Integration with Jupyter notebooks to view notebooks within the ELN.

Oct 22 2020

· New Rich Text editor introduced to select enterprise site with option for users to use the old editor with existing entries. This will be rolled out to all users through mid-2021.

Sept 16 2020

· Introduced additional efficiencies when updating the process for students to claim course notebooks and receive updates.

Sept 10 2020

· The spreadsheet widget has been retired. With the integration with Office Online and the Office Plugin, this widget no longer is needed.

Aug 26 2020

· Improved the connection of Single Sign-On users with LTI in courses.

Aug 6 2020

· Modified course update server to streamline the handling of large course updates.

· New users accessing LabArchives via Single Sign-On are prompted to set the role in the ELN as Researcher, Instructor, Student, or a combination.

Jul 30 2020

· Additional security added to password reset workflow.

· Inventory Reports available on Reports tab of the Site Admin tool.

Jul 16 2020

· LabArchives Terms of Use updated to cover the LabArchives API.

· Introduced notebook limit of 1TB to ensure optimal performance.

· Heading entry updated to be responsive across devices

Jun 11 2020

· Added link between LabArchives ELN to Inventory.

May 28 2020

· Users can copy an entry and paste as new entry on same page or other pages in the same or different notebooks.

· Users are notified when they have logged in via the API on a third-party application for additional security.

May 14 2020

· Extended the LabArchives account to include access to LabArchives ELN for easy navigation between ELN and Inventory.

Apr 30 2020

· Users can export the Freezer Box widget to CSV file.

Apr 16 2020

· Updated Add Entry and Insert Entry menus with new look and responsive behavior across devices.

Mar 26 2020

· New messaging added to the copy page to warn users if they have selected a large number of entries to prevent erroneous copying.

Mar 12 2020

· LabArchives system emails updated with latest information and links to support users.

Feb 28 2020

· Edit Entry menu redesigned for updated layout and appearances as well as to make it responsive across all devices.

· Entry meta-data (links, tags and comments) updated for improved usability and display across devices.

Jan 23 2020

· SnapGene files (and other DNA files) can be displayed in the notebook and reviewed with the SnapGene viewer. Save time with ability to view important files directly in the notebook.

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