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2021 Feature Releases

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2021 Feature Releases

Dec 17 2021

· Application Admins have new option for making a reservation calendar public. The public share option on My Calendar now includes the option to set the organization calendar for display as well as two options for making the selected calendar public: utilizing the current link to add to iCalendar or Outlook along with a public URL link.

Oct 20 2021

· Improved the default organization setting to work with a combination of old and newly created organizations.

Sept 15 2021

· New messaging provided to users who click on an expired or cancelled invitation link to provide them with clearer feedback.

Sept 9 2021

· Inactive accounts can now be invited into organizations for more flexibility.

Jul 22 2021

· Addressed two issues impacting users added to multiple organizations. We corrected the organization name displayed as wells as the behavior surrounding resources with automatic permissions regardless of login history across multiple organizations.

Jul 8 2021

· Streamlined and improved messaging for users accepting invitations to other organizations to clarify all the organizations within the enterprise to which they have access.

Jun 11 2021

· Added ability for users with App Admin or User Admin roles to view people who have been invited to the organization but have not yet accepted the invitation.

Apr 16 2021

· Organizations with enterprise license to Scheduler and multiple organizations can set the default organization for the enterprise.

· Updated invitation message for users who are added to additional organizations. User now see the list of organizations to which they belong and how they can jump between organizations.

Apr 9 2021

· Improved handling when moving reservations on the Bookings and Calendars to ensure attachments are retained as the reservation is updated.

Feb 4 2021

· Application Configuration page completely redesigned with clearer guidelines and descriptions of the control options. App Admins can take advantage of the Application Configuration features to add more privacy settings, restrict access, ensure use of credits, and much more.

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