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2022 Feature Releases

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2022 Feature Releases

Apr 22, 2022

· Organizations with an Enterprise License to LabArchives ELN can now integrate with their institution’s OneDrive subscription for storing large files (over 250MB). All large files are tracked and monitored to ensure the integrity of the large files stored through the OneDrive integration.


Apr 7, 2022

· LabArchives ELN Free Edition features expanded! Free Edition users of the ELN can now take advantage of 1GB of storage across multiple notebooks with the flexibility to add collaborators and fully test out the ELN features before upgrading to a paid subscription. The Free Edition account limits file attachments to 25MB per file while the Professional Edition of ELN provides 100GB per user seat and attachments of up to 250MB per file.

· Security updates based on quarterly testing.


Mar 31, 2022

· Attachment upload and Attachment entries updated to for new display, quick upload and improved messaging on upload confirmation. Both the upload and attachment displays are now responsive and natively accessible to adapt to any device and support screen readers and keyboard navigation.


Mar 17 2022

· LabArchives Inventory and ELN integrated via the new Inventory List entry to record reagents and other items used in an experiment to improve precision of inventory usage and tracking. Users save time by updating their information in the ELN and Inventory in a single step. Whenever an item is used via the integration, the quantity is automatically debited in Inventory and a link is added connecting the entry in ELN to the item in Inventory.


Mar 10 2022

· LabArchives accounts require complex passwords for added security. Users will be required to update their passwords every 6 months, receiving in-app reminders and email to enable password updating when it is convenient.

· Account creation workflow streamlined with new display and fewer steps to make it easier to get started using LabArchives services.


Jan 27 2022

· Enterprise site usage reports include additional user IDs to use with API

· Removed expiration on Scheduler invitations to allow invited members more time to accept the invitation and gain access to Scheduler.

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