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2022 Feature Releases

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2022 Feature Releases

Sep 29, 2022

· A new Reports tab is available for Lab Managers and those with the management privilege as part of a custom role. The Reports tab includes:

o Expiration Report: Find items with an Expiration Date in 30, 60, or 90 days

o Low Quantity Report: Find items that have passed their specified low quantity threshold

o Orders Report: Get a list of all inventory items that have been ordered and updated

· Low quantity threshold amount and unit of measure has been added to all the bulk update templates and export lists. This valuable information can now be included in bulk when adding or updating items.


Sep 20, 2022

· Unique IDs are now displayed on all inventory items. These IDs can be used to generate QR codes when downloaded to your preferred label software.

· A new “No Location Set” filter is now available under storage locations to make it easier to identify items that may have been added without a location being specified.


Sep 7, 2022

· Order status can be updated in bulk to quickly mark multiple items as Approved or Ordered while also adding a note to the items. The new Update Orders option on the Orders tab allows for selected or select all when filtering the list to either the Requested or Approved items.

· Empty standard fields on the Inventory item About tab are hidden to make it easier for users to focus in on the key information. All the standard (non-custom) fields are available whenever adding or editing an inventory item, but only the populated fields will display for those fields.

Aug 25, 2022

· Introducing the ELN+Inventory Bundle pricing option. Inventory users can upgrade their account to save and maximize the integration between ELN and Inventory.


May 25, 2022

· Lab Managers and others with access to the lab management features can utilize the Bulk Update option. A spreadsheet template of all items can be downloaded from the Bulk Update feature or download the results from a filtered search to update a subset. Save time updating multiple items.


May 11, 2022

· Inventory Import process has been updated to run asynchronously for more efficiency, especially when uploading large lists of inventory for adding new or updating existing inventory items.

Apr 13, 2022

· When re-ordering inventory items, the details information, including custom fields, are now copied over to the newly created item. Users can focus on updated the new information such as location, lot #, and expiration date of the newly received re-ordered item.


Apr 6, 2022

· QR codes can be downloaded from the Labels tab in Inventory and used with any printer or label format. Further, users can export a list of items and utilize the item URL to generate a QR code in the label software of your choice.


Mar 17, 2022

· LabArchives Inventory and ELN integrated via the new Inventory List entry to record reagents and other items used in an experiment to improve precision of inventory usage and tracking. Users save time by updating their information in the ELN and Inventory in a single step. Whenever an item is used via the integration, the quantity is automatically debited in Inventory and a link is added connecting the entry in ELN to the item in Inventory.

· Free Trial of LabArchives Inventory has been extended to 90 days to allow more time testing out all the features, including the integration with ELN.

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