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3.01.1 Create Your Account

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How to Create a LabArchives Account  

1. Go to and select “Sign up for Free”. You may be redirected to sign up for LabArchives on another server.

2. When you create a new account, you will be presented with the following form to complete. As you enter information into valid text for each field, the red X will be replaced by a green check.   

Passwords must have:

– 8 characters minimum (or 12 if you are on the UK server)
– 1 uppercase letter
– 1 lowercase letter
– 1 number
– 1 special character
– No more than 6 sequential letters or numbers

Please note that your password will expire every 6 months and cannot be reused.

3. After signing up, an Activation Link will be sent to your email. Click on this link to begin using LabArchives. If you do not receive the Activation email, please check your Spam folder  
Below is a brief introduction to LabArchives. 

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