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3.01.3 Checking In and Checking Out of Reservations

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Checking In and Checking Out of Reservations


The Check in/Check out feature is meant to help you more carefully manage instances when someone makes a reservation but fails to actually show up and use the Resource at the scheduled time. If a resource requires this, the user will have to “Check In” to the reservation shortly before/after start time. This can be done by clicking on the existing reservation (on the Bookings Screen, Upcoming Reservations screen, or from any other screen where Reservations are shown) to access the Edit Reservation screen. If Check in is required, the button that reflects this is shown in the upper right corner. An example of this appears below:



After the reservation is over, the author of the reservation user can go back to the same View/Edit reservation screen to Check out. The Checkout button is displayed in the upper right of the screen.

By default, users cannot check in to their reservations more than 5 minutes ahead of the reservation start time. This default can only be changed by an Application Administrator. If you have this privilege, you can change this time by clicking the white gear icon in the upper right corner, then going to Application Configuration. Once there, specify the number of minutes ahead of reservation start time during which you will allow check in by placing this number in the box labeled “checkin.minutes.prior.” Once you have made your change, scroll to the top or bottom of the screen and click Update.

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