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3.02.3 Create Folders and Pages

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You can organize your notebook like a standard file system of Folders and subfolders with data added to Pages.  When you create a new notebook, you may start with one of the automatic Folder Layouts. For more information on Folder Layouts and creating new notebooks, Click Here.  

To add data to your notebook, you must first create a page then add entries. For more information on adding entries to your notebook, Click Here.
To add a Folder or a Page, to your notebook Click +NEW and select “Add New Folder” or “Add New Page.” You can also copy pages from this notebook or from another notebook. For more information about copying pages Click Here.

To move a page or folder drag and drop the item into the new location.  

The page or folder indicates If a page or folder is shared with a guest, the page and folder icon will update.  

 Unshared folder
Shared folder
 Unshared page
 Shared page 

If you are at an organization that has enabled the addition of Page IDs, these will appear below the page title on all pages. Page IDs are auto-generated and cannot be removed from the pages. If you would like to learn more about how to set this up for your organization, please contact your LabArchives Enterprise Success manager.

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