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3.02.4 Add Data to your Notebook

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Data can be added to pages in your notebook using various entry types. At the top of each page in your notebook, you will see the Add Entry Toolbar. The “+ New” option reveals additional entry types and you can access page tools on the right side. For more information about AttachmentsRich Text EntriesHeadings, or any other entry type available within LabArchives please see the knowledgebase section on entry types. 

The Add Entry Toolbar will automatically reorganize the list of entries to show your most frequently used entry types. 

Add an entry in a specific location 

You can add an entry in between existing entries with the Insert Entry toolbar. When you hover your mouse between two entries an Insert option will appear.  

Click on Insert and select the entry that you would like to add.  


Add New Entries at the top or bottom of the page 

The Notebook Owner can select if new entries are added to the top or bottom of the page in Notebook Settings. For more information on Notebook Settings, Click Here.

Note: This feature is not available for Instructor Course Notebooks or Student Notebooks. 

If you work with Word, Excel or Powerpoint documents, you may want to use the LabArchives Microsoft Office Plugin. The Microsoft Office Plugin Allows you to open, edit, and save documents to LabArchives all within the desktop version of Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Documents stored in LabArchives can also be opened using the Office Document Editor.   For more information on the Microsoft Office Plugin for Windows, Click Here, and for Mac Click Here.

If you have a large number of files that you would like to upload to LabArchives you may want to use Folder Monitor. Folder Monitor will automatically upload files stored on your computer to LabArchives and it will maintain the revisions history within LabArchives For more information on the Folder Monitor for Windows, Click Here and for Mac Click Here.  

If you work with forms or an inventory, you may want to use a Widget. Widgets are HTML forms that can be fully customized using the Widget Manager. For more information on widgets, Click Here. 

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