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3.02.6 Edit your Notebook

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Once you add data to your lab notebook, you can edit that item directly within LabArchives. For more information on adding data to your lab notebook Click Here.

How to Edit an Entry

If you have edit rights to an entry, you will see entry toolbar when you hover your mouse over that entry. You can edit an entry by double clicking or by selecting the pencil icon. When you finish editing an entry be sure to click “Save to Page.” 

You can also edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents stored in your lab notebook. For more information Click Here.

How to Move Data in LabArchives 

Any entry can be moved on the same page or to another page of your notebook. For more on copying data to another notebook, Click Here.

To move an entry up or down the page, click the arrow icons on the Entry Toolbar. 

The Notebook Owner can rearrange all entries on the page. For more information, Click Here.

To move an entry to another page of the notebook, hover your mouse over the entry, click the three dots, and click “move to page.”

Select the new page for this entry.


Note:  When you move an item, its entire history and all revisions are maintained. 

How to Rename Pages, Folders or the Entire notebook 

You can rename any item in the Notebook Navigator by right clicking on the name and then click “Rename.”  

How to Delete and Undelete Data from your Notebook

LabArchives maintains a complete revision history of every change made to your data. Data can never be permanently deleted from LabArchives. If you delete an item from your lab notebook you can always select “undelete” to recover that item. For More information on revision history Click Here.

To delete an entry from a page, hover your mouse over the entry, click the triple dot icon, and click “delete.”  

To recover an entry from the page’s revisions history, click the Page Revisions History tool in the page tools, and click “undelete” on the page’s revisions history. For more information on revision history, Click Here.

To delete a folder or page in the notebook, right click on the name of the page and select “Delete item.” 

Any folder or page deletions will be tracked in the Activity Feed. For more information on the Activity Feed, Click Here

To recover a deleted Page or Folder, expand the “Deleted Items” folder in the Notebook Navigator, right-click (Command+Click on macOS) on the deleted item and select “Undelete Item.” 


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