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3.03 How to Handle Aliquots

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There are two options for handling aliquots in LabArchives Inventory. How they are handled depends on whether or not they will be stored in the same freezer box. 

  • If aliquoted items will be stored in different freezer boxes, you will want to add each aliquot as a separate inventory item. 
  • If aliquoted items will be stored in the same freezer box, but divided among several cells, you can add them as a single inventory item. 

Adding Aliquots as Separate Inventory Items 

Follow the same steps for adding any Inventory Item. We recommend you use the Description field to add notes that the item is an aliquot of a larger amount. See Add an Inventory Item for more information. 

Adding Aliquots as a Single Inventory Item 

Before adding the aliquot, be sure that the storage location has already been set up to reflect the exact size of the freezer box (e.g., 9 x 9).  See Add an Inventory item for more information. 

We recommend using the Description field to specify the amount aliquoted in each freezer box cell. For example, you may have 20mL of a solution that is aliquoted across 4 centrifuge tubes, each containing 5mL of the solution. 

Assigning Aliquots to Specific Freezer Box Rows

Aliquots can also be distributed amongst a specific row freezer box. To do this, simply click on the designated cell next to the row you’d like to assign the item to. To unassign items from this row, click the box again. 

Aliquots can also be distributed to all cells within a freezer box. To do this, click on the “Select All” button located at the top left corner of the Freezer Box cells.  

You can use “Select All” and the cell boxes together to assign aliquots to all rows except for one, two, etc.  

Using Aliquots Stored as Separate Inventory Items 

If aliquots have been set up as separate inventory items, run a search for the item name and select based on the location.  Click on the “Use Now” button from the Inventory Item Details, and indicate how much you are using, which may be a portion or the entire aliquot. 

If you use the entire aliquot it will show 0 as the quantity.  

Note: Items that have 0 quantity are considered out of stock and will not be displayed in search results or your list of inventory items unless you include them using the Availability Filter. 

Using Aliquots Stored as a Single Inventory item

When you are ready to use an aliquot from a single Inventory Item, select the item. 

Click on the “Use Now” button. Enter the quantity you are using and click on the freezer box cell to indicate the impacted cell that is being used. 

The Inventory Item will display the reduced amount and the freezer box will now show the cells that still contain aliquots. 


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